Space Dress


My mama told me I should never venture into space

but I did, I did, I did.

Yes, it’s yet another Lady Skater, but making a galaxy print dress was the reason I bought the pattern in the first place. I promise I’m branching out a bit in the future, I have Kwiksew 4026 and Mccalls 6884  traced and ready to go. I’m looking forward to trying some more complex patterns.  Anyway, on to this project.

This fabric was a pain in the ass, beautiful, but a pain. I have never before had a knit ravel along the cut edge when stretched, but this one did, which made getting the neckband in nerve wracking. And looking it, I almost wish I had just turned and stitched anyway. Ugh.

It’s a thin 100% polyester interlock, white on one side and printed on the other. Normally I don’t go for 100% poly, but I’d been searching for an affordable galaxy fabric for ages and ages. I feel like this fabric was meant for some sort of athletic wear, so it’s a good thing there are not any sewing police. I’m really glad I ordered extra yardage though, as a good 5 inch area along one of the selvages is pure white, not printed at all. This made using the recommended fabric saving cutting layout impossible.

This fabric does not have as much vertical stretch as the other fabrics I have used for this pattern. This means the waist is a little higher than I would like, which also makes the skirt a wee bit short. It’s not obscene, but it’s fortunate that I prefer to always wear either leggings or tights under my dresses. Also, I have drag lines coming from the shoulder that didn’t exist in my other dresses that I believe are due to the lack of vertical stretch. It’s disappointing, but the print helps hide it a little bit.

Despite that small snag. I’m just as happy as I thought I would be to finally have a galaxy print dress. I’ve wanted one for years, but I hadn’t been able find any in my price range and my size. I guess I solved that.


it’s silly, but the only thing that bugs me about this dress is that it doesn’t look great on the hanger. The neckline is nice and flat when worn, but bubbles when it’s not stretched around a body. I’m not sure what the solution to that is, but it honestly doesn’t matter in the long run, (Although if there’s a way to fix it, I’d still like to know.) Who is inspecting my closet to ensure that my clothing has the proper amount of hanger appeal? It’s not a show room and if my skirts end up looking upeven off my body, or a neckline looks a bit gathered when it shouldn’t. I really need to stop fretting over it.

Does anyone else fuss over their clothing not looking like RTW when hung up or in the drawer? Or am I just neurotic and alone in this?



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13 responses to “Space Dress

  1. Lovely dress and fabric! I am not too bothered about looking like RTW cloths – just happy I made them 😃


  2. That is so weird about the fabric unravelling! I’ve never seen a knit do that either. I’d never be able to tell it caused problems with the neckline though it does sit really well!
    I have to say I’m right there with you on the galaxy print clothes mission, I wanted some space-tights for the longest time and finally caved and bought some fabric online when I found a place with reasonable international shipping!


    • Thanks! It’s funny, I was reading Knits for Real People and there was an offhand mention that some interlock used to run when pulled, but it’s rare. So I guess I’m not alone is dealing with this, but geez was it weird.

      Congrats on finding fabric for your tights,. That can definitely be a hard part of the equation.


  3. jay

    Super fabric, the neckband looks pretty good in the photo, despite the fabric not behaving kindly in construction.


  4. Wonderful dress, you really got mileage out of that pattern. Looking forward to see your rendition of McCall’s 6884 – it’s a great pattern.


  5. sadwerewolves

    The dress looks great! You look outta of this world 😉


  6. Cute dress- and no, don’t fuss about ‘hanger appeal’. That only happens in RTW because the dresses don’t fit real bodies. I make clothes to make ME look good, not the wardrobe heh heh


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