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Brindille and Twig Lap Neck Tee


I’m headed home to visit my family and since my newish nephew didn’t get an Xmas present from me, for various reasons, I thought he deserved something. I’ve been working with all this knit fabric so I’ve had a load of scraps, more than enough to make him a little something.

The pattern was bear to print, but that wasn’t the pattern makers fault, although I do wish it had been mentioned that the actual pattern pieces were in full color. I try to avoid that, I rarely have colored ink and I don’t like using it on sewing patterns. Other than my struggles with GIMP to get printable grey scale, the pattern went together in a snap. It really is nice to work with such small pieces, there was barely any taping to do and everything that did need to be taped lined up just fine.


One thing I didn’t like is how the instructions have you attach the binding to the neckline and sleeves. I feel like serging, folding over and then zig zagging is unnecessarily complicated and it might just be me, but I couldn’t get it to look that good and it was easy for thing to get uneven. I prefer the cleaner look of folding the binding in half and serging to the edge in one go and if I make another one, i think I’ll try that. I did like that they had you tack the seam allowances in the sleeves down at the cuffs, it’s simple, but adds a nice touch. I still like cuffs attached in the round the most, but that’s not really feasible for openings so small, I don’t think.


The tee was easy to construct otherwise, i don’t know why I was so worried, but the notches all matched up just fine. I’d like to get more proficient so I don’t have to baste the neckline in place before attaching the sleeves, but I’m sure that will happen with practice. One thing that was a little weird is  the pattern says you need a snap setter, you do not. I’m assuming that’s just a hold over from text for a different pattern.

All in all, I’m pleased. I didn’t have time to get to Joann’s and trying out this pattern company was a leap of faith, but it worked out pretty well, although obviously I can only speak for this one pattern. I don’t know if I’m going to sew more children’s clothing, I’m pretty selfish with my sewing time, but if I did, I’d check out Brindille and Twig’s offerings again. Annoyingly, they did do the thing where there is no suggested stretch percentage, so just be aware if that bugs you the way it bugs me.

Side note: I was not paid for this review, nor was I given a pattern, I just happened to stumble across the company. It’s not as if my blog is a big enough deal, but if I ever did receive a review copy of something I would disclose that. Not only is that inline with FTC regulations, to the best of my knowledge, I just wouldn’t feel right not being honest with anyone reading.


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