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Tentative Spring Plans

spring 2015 sewing

Kwik Sew 3036

Enid Sweater

Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt

Bootstrap Fashion 8 Gore Skirt

Mccall’s 6706

Tenterhooks Patterns Snapdragon

I hope to complete these by the end of March/mid April. I do not think it is too ambitious, but I could be vastly underestimating the difficulty, I’ve never worked with knits before but I need to get over that. I’m a grown woman. There’s no reason be afraid of a textile.

I still need to decide on a color scheme, but there’s no need to rush that that since I am on a fabric fast until the new year. it’s become evident that I need to stop saving fabric for when I become a better sewist and just sew, or I’m never going to accomplish anything. There are a few special pieces that I am going to hold off on, but there is no good reason to save Joann’s clearance poplin for a distant day.

Anyway the hope is to work on this while I also fiddle with my skirt sloper. I feel like it will be easier to just sew if I’m not mucking about with my own patterns, I’m not exactly experienced with drafting.


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