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Fabric haul and more planning


Normally I don’t consider my fabric purchases a “haul”, I tend to buy one or two pieces at a time in person, that’s what is feasible for me to afford. However, I happen to decide to check out the fabric section of our local salvage retailer and I made out quite well. I restricted myself to the knits, which helped, otherwise who knows what I would’ve bought. My clothing and fabric budget for the spring is certainly blown.

The middle three fabrics are all Robert Kaufman Jerseys, which was an unexpected find. I’ve always wanted to try them, but it just wasn’t feasible. The fabric to the left is a polyester ITY I think, it’s going to be some sort of top. The gold and black fabric on the right is going to be a formal-ish dress, I don’t have any and I figured I should fill that gap in my wardrobe. Plus, it’s absolutely stunning, I was so giddy when I saw it that I wish I could take better pictures. The top left fabric is a thin pinstriped synthetic, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t done a burn test. I’m thinking of making a boat neck Lady Skater T-shirt from it.

lady skater flat

Other than shopping. I made a very rough (I’m no artist) technical flat for the lady skater, because the drawing on the pattern doesn’t work for my usual method of testing out color combinations and fabrics on a pattern before cutting into anything.

lady skater dresses

Tada! A preview of some planned dresses.


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Sewing prep and pdfs


I have not had much chance to get any sewing done these past few days. I’ve been out of notions for this or that, but I was fortunate enough to finagle a small trip to JoAnn’s after visiting my parents. I was able to get the thread I needed to top stitch the waistband of that disastrous Hollyburn, which now only needs a good hemming. I find I don’t mind the look of the top stitched waistband at all and I’m going to be using it instead of invisibly slip stitching by hand on more skirts, at least the casual ones. I also made some bias tape for the red dress but silly me forgot to pick up matching thread while I was at Joann’s so finishing that UFO will have to wait. The floral fabric is an old piece from Fabric Mart that I can’t decide what to do with. I feel like the wrong pattern choice is going to make me look extremely dowdy. Like Little House on the Prairie, but not in a good way.

The top fabric in the above picture is to be my muslin for the Lady Skater before I cut into my galaxy fabric because honestly, it was hard to source and I’m not ruining it. I hope. The green is actually the same cotton poly interlock I made my blue Kwik Sew T-shirt out of. it’s not the color I wanted (colbalt blue) but I am unfortunately stuck with the limited in person selection as far as fabric goes. I had also hoped to pick up a piece of yellow for my 6pac tshirt, but the store literally had one yellow knit and it had all the wrong tones to go with the rest of my color scheme. I must admit I’m pretty jealous of people who have multiple apparel focused fabric stores to go to. I’ve been happy with most of my online purchases but when it comes to knits where I absolutely must know the stretch factor the drawbacks of online fabric shopping become quite apparent. Of course trying to match up the fabrics for my 6pac is also complicating things. I may change one of my colors. I don’t know at this point.

I downloaded, printed out and assembled the Lady Skater PDF which, as I later found a couple mentions of, has several lines that do not quite line up. Luckily I had podcasts to keep me company through the cutting and taping because it was tedious. I normally don’t mind digital sewing patterns, but the fact that the lines were in color, and thus faint due to a nearly empty ink cartridge and they were slightly offkilter made for a trying experience. Personally, I’d prefer if indie pattern designers kept the printable portion of their pattern in good old black-and-white. I also find it kind of weird that the alignment issues haven’t been fixed, given that there are mentions of this issue going back a year.

I think I’m more fond of the idea of PDF sewing patterns in theory than in practice. I enjoy instant gratification. But cutting out patterns is already my least favorite part of sewing. I don’t want to play with a puzzle as well, especially when through no fault of my own that puzzle is slightly off. I tend to blame myself when that happens, but I think the lack of match points on this pattern really brings down the whole assembling experience. I’ve also put together patterns from Colette and Bootstrap (which admittedly doesn’t have match points either), and they were way easier. I appreciate the lack of gatekeeping in the PDF pattern world but it is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t want to get into a quality debate because from what I’ve seen this pattern sews up nicely or I wouldn’t have bought it. I don’t think the product itself is bad, I just  think the delivery method could use some improvement and from what I hear that goes for many, many companies releasing sewing patterns as PDF files.

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Spring 6pac

spring 6pac

This is kind of a retread of my first post, but eh, what can I do?

The Artisan’s Square 6pac threads always seem like such a good idea, alas I love color too much to commit to neutrals. So inspired by the thread for spring, here are my plans. I’m not sure if this is of interest to anyone but me, but I think it will help to write it all down.

The current color plans are:

  • one Kwik Sew 3036 in yellow
  • one Enid sweater in magenta
  • one Enid sweater in black
  • a Hollyburn in green,
  • a Bootstrap 8 gore skirt in purple
  • a Lady Skater in cobalt.

Speaking of the Lady Skater, my dream of having a galaxy print dress (years after the trend) is finally coming true. Some yardage is on its way to me.

galaxy fabric

It is obnoxious and I love it. Better yet, I already found an etsy seller offering skirts made out of what looks like the same exact fabric and they look really cute.There’s no way I could afford a dress from said seller, but even buying a yard extra I’m out ahead if this dress turns out alright.


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