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An extremely late and incomplete Me Made May follow up post + some news

The good news is I did wear something I’d sewn three days a week every week in May and I learned a lot about the gaps in my wardrobe and what makes me feel the best. Sadly, I lost my camera part way through and ended up visiting my parents quite a bit, so I do not have photos of every outfit. Still, I’ve a few pictures to show you and I’ll talk a little bit about what I’ve learned below.

Although I’m not the most prolific sewist, it wasn’t hard to find something to wear. I had worried I might feel restricted but I didn’t at all. What I did discover is that while I want to make more dresses (and I will!) I need to make some seperates, buy more tights and I’m in need of more cardigans and pullovers. I know I can sew a cropped sweater for cheaper than my favorite Modcloth cardigan, pictured with the blue fox dress.

astoria plans

To that effect, I’ve traced out the pattern to Colette Seamwork’s Astoria pullover. I think it will be good to tackle a pullover before I start in with button bands and the like. I’ve also been knitting an Aiken sweater since last November but it is particularly slow going and I just don’t have the knitting time I used to. I’d like to do the Astoria up in several colors if the fit is good, I’m hoping based on the fact that Colette drafts for a C cup that bust wrinkling will be minimal and I’ll be able to just churn at least six out without tweaking the pattern over and over.

As much as I like my T-shirt based off the Lady Skater pattern, I don’t think I really want to be sewing basic T-shirts. if I see a must have fabric and can only afford minimal yardage then sure, I know I’ll be glad that I bothered to make alterations to the pattern, but I happen to like my store bought tees about as much and getting the fabric I like in a tee for decent price has proved bothersome. I don’t think I’m going to ever be the kind of girl who sews absolutely everything in her wardrobe, I certainly can’t see myself tackling jeans.

Anyhow, I think that this was a good exercise for me. Although I can also see why people can easily outgrow it and how it can become a tedious chore of documentation and writing blog posts of little substance.

in other important sewing related news, I am going to NYC in a few months and have plans to hit the garment district. I am extremely excited my state does not have much of a garment industry and what there is is mostly focused on outerwear, hiking exercising, etc. so getting deals on designer rolls ends is not something I had a lot of opportunity to do. Most of my fabric shopping is done online for that very reason. I’m sure currently and furious research mode and if you have any suggestions for shops that are decently priced and have a good selection that I must see please let me know. I’m currently debating whether I even want to go to Mood, although the blogosphere would have me believe it should be at the top of my list. My budget is not that expansive and if I can get better deals elsewhere on things I can’t get at home, that’s what I’m going to do. I only have one afternoon shop and I want to make the most of it.


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