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Muslins, Muslins, Muslins

1-IMG_20151016_180850_2  1-IMG_20151020_1819421-IMG_20151021_154008

will I ever be free of them?

I’m currently on my 4th or 5th muslin of Laughing Moon’s Robe de Style pattern. I finally feel like I’m making progress thanks to the sewists over on Artisan’s Square, but I will be so glad when this dress is done.

I finished the separate slip a week or so ago and that was an experience as you need to use hoopsteel to get the shape and the pattern had me cut it shorter than needed so I had to recut the hoopsteel without assistance, remove the too short piece and insert the new one. It looks pretty good now, but I would do some of the construction, such as the bias binding on the upper edge, differently if I made it again. The insides look sloppy if you do it as instructed. Of course that could just be down to my own inexperience.

Anyhow, I’m not dead and I can’t wait to show you the finished dress after Halloween.


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Unearthed a UFO

DSCF1497 - Copy

Welcome to wrinkle city

Now what?

The fit is not the best but it’s mostly complete. I’m thinking of binding the neck and armholes in the mustard colored material lining the pockets, inserting a zipper and keeping it as an around the house dress. I mean there is no real reason to unpick and refit the whole dress when the pattern is still in print and I can make a better fitting version in the future. It’s Simplicity 6062, not some rare vintage find.


I also want to hack off about 4 inches from the hem, I think that would be a better length. I don’t know what the optimal skirt length for me is, I’m still working that out, but I think I need to go shorter than I have been.

DSCF1544 - Copy

As for the rest of my sewing, I’m making pouches for the auction at my Family Reunion in the summer. They’re pretty easy, I just wish I was better at top stitching. I’m also working on the Portrait Blouse from Gertie’s New Book for better sewing and it’s been a bear so far. I’ll put up a more through post about that a later date. I got caught up in the hype when that book came out and it’s looking like it was a poor decision.

Oh and finally, I’m working on my skirt sloper again. The side seam still isn’t straight and i fear it never will be. Still, I’ll buy more muslin and carry on, I will have a nice pencil skirt if it kills me.

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Topstitching does make a difference.

I think a label is in order to cover up that ugly join.

Who knew? Okay, everybody knew, I was being a stubborn fool and didn’t topstitch the necklines of my t shirts because I could not get the twin needle to function on my sewing machine. I still can’t. Today I said screw it and did a single row of top stitching on the blue t shirt. I think it looks a good deal better when compared to before.DSCF1441

It seems to sit better on my neck anyway, although I’m still having the listing to one side issue I have with all my tops. I think one of my shoulders is more sloped than the other, I need to investigate fixes for when I make something more tailored. I’m not too worried about in it t shirts.


I’m thinking about taking in the sides on the Kwik Sew 3036 next time. As you can see, there are almost four extra inches around the waist when compared to a RTW shirt I like the fit of. (I’m wearing it in this post.) I still want it to be loose, but I think I could stand to take out 2 of those inches. Although I bought this pattern to make shirts to tuck into skirts, it would be nice have the option to wear it untucked too.


New project wise I’ve mostly been prepping. I printed out the Sorbetto (I’m years late on that bandwagon.) and cut it out of a lime green cotton lawn I’ve had sitting around for years. Tonight I finished up the bias tape for that, so I’ll probably sew it up tomorrow. I didn’t do a FBA, so this will probably end up falling into wearable muslin territory, but I’m not too bothered.

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