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So about that Sorbetto I went to all the trouble of making bias tape for. It’s awful. Amazingly so.


I should have known this would happen. I’d tried and failed to make a Peony a few years ago, the bust darts were extremely off from where I needed them to be and I could never make a satisfactory alteration. This top has a similar issue, I can tell I need a FBA, despite Colette drafting for C cups and the end point of the dart is literally an inch above where it should be.  I’m thinking I could probably fix that by lowering the whole dart, but honestly, I don’t want to. I’m kind of bummed and I’m not sure this shape of top is the best look on me, I don’t feel I carry off 60s insprired stuff well, I’m more of a 40s and 50s girl.


The swayback adjustment needed on this is ludicrous, I’m not even sure I want to attempt it. I normally need a sway back adjustment anyway, but this is much worse than things normally look. To be clear, the pattern went together fine, the fit issues seem to just be a conflict between my body and what Colette drafts for.

The one good thing to come of this is I got a chance to practice my french seams. They’re as easy and lovely looking as I remember. I’m think I’ll try a different top, prehaps Gertie’s Portrait blouse. I think going back to tissue fitting is in order. I still have plans for another Hollyburn and I think that might get me back in the sewing groove. I don’t know, I’ll trawl my pattern stash and see what speaks to me. I know this isn’t it.


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