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I’ve been betrayed


By one of my favorite fabrics and patterns. Clever me thought I’d whip up a Hollyburn for the 6 pack today, starting early in the morning so as to stay within the rules. For a while things were fine, I sewed up all the skirt pieces, finished them with my serger. It was my first time doing that on woven clothing but it was super easy and looks much nicer than my sewing machine’s faux overlock. So much faster too, I forgot that finishing seams doesn’t have to take forever.

Then it all went to hell in a handbasket. I had to sew the waistband on 5 times and baste and unpick sections because it would not go on without puckering even though I knew the skirt section had stretched out and eased it to the waistband. None of my zippers matched and the closest one had to be cut way down. I hate cutting down dress length zippers as I have a limited supply. I really didn’t feel like attempting a centered zipper again and I’m pretty good at invisibles, so I went with that. Silly me, it was not my day for that to work out, I had to install each side several times. Thank god the waist seam kept matching up or I may have broken something.


Finally, I could not get the rest of my seam to connect to where the invisible zipper ends. It looks okay from the outside, it’s not the best zipper I’ve done, but the inside is awful, partially because for some reason I though you had to hold the zipper out of the way while I sergered and finished the seams, so I have a load of loops hanging off the edge.

Did I mention this poplin did not like seams being unpicked at all and got discolored from the iron, which I didn’t notice until after I had cut out the pattern? It doesn’t like being ironed either, becuase in addition to the discolartion, I cannot get the wrinkles to come out. This was entirely unexpected, I have the same fabric in a different color, I made a skirt in purple and other than being wrinkle prone it is fine and was easy to work with.


See what I mean about pressing doing nothing?

On the bright side, I modified the instructions from Colette’s Ginger to finish the waistband edges and it looks pretty good. Also the pocket looks so much nicer finished with the serger, even with my lazy lack of thread matching. Technically this isn’t a finished object, I need to get matching thread so I can topstich the waistband.and hem the skirt. I’m so annoyed there is no way I’m hand stitching. Which reminds me I forget to mention the best part.

It doesn’t fit.


The skirt is about an inch too small, despite my other Hollyburn still fitting even though I’ve put on a bit of winter weight. I’m not happy, but if it fits at the end of April, which knowing myself it should, I’ll count it as part of the 6pac. I still want to make another Hollyburn, just not out of this fabric, so thank god it’s gone. I know that next time I want to try stabilizing the skirt sections as soon as I cut them, perhaps with stay tape instead of stay stitching, which has done nothing to help twice in a row.


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A Blue Twill Hollyburn


I made this skirt for thanksgiving and I really should have blogged about it before now,but that didn’t happen.Please excuse the fuzziness, I had to use my camera phone and I was lacking a lint roller when the photos were taken.


I really like this pattern, it went together well and as far as I can tell any errors you’re seeing are my fault. I’m not the shape Sewaholic drafts for, but I don’t think that’s a huge concern with this skirt.

Once it warms up I think it will have much bigger place in my wardrobe, although I have discovered that as long as it’s at least 20 degrees and I throw on some fleece lined tights, I can wear it for short jaunts outside. I took my sister’s dog on a walk and was absolutely fine. I plan on making several more.


Now that I’ve gushed, let me not where I went wrong. The centered zipper is frankly awful, I’m terrible at them. I didn’t grade the enclosed waistband seam allowance and it is noticeable. I though I’d be clever and trim it down with my rotary cutter all in one go. Brilliantly, I managed to cut a v shaped slice in my already attached  and trimmed waistband. I satin stitched over it in in matching thread after reinforcing the hole with some fusible interfacing. It’s not too noticeable when I’m wearing it, but I will be thinking twice about pulling that stunt again.


I double folded the hem and catchstitched by hand and it looked lovely, but after a few washes it’s puckering. I’m not sure if this just the nature of this kind of hem on a circle skirt. It’s not worse than the RTW I own, but it is annoying after all that handstiching.

It’s a cute enough skirt and I don’t regret making it, but I certainly have list of changes to make next time.


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