Fabric haul and more planning


Normally I don’t consider my fabric purchases a “haul”, I tend to buy one or two pieces at a time in person, that’s what is feasible for me to afford. However, I happen to decide to check out the fabric section of our local salvage retailer and I made out quite well. I restricted myself to the knits, which helped, otherwise who knows what I would’ve bought. My clothing and fabric budget for the spring is certainly blown.

The middle three fabrics are all Robert Kaufman Jerseys, which was an unexpected find. I’ve always wanted to try them, but it just wasn’t feasible. The fabric to the left is a polyester ITY I think, it’s going to be some sort of top. The gold and black fabric on the right is going to be a formal-ish dress, I don’t have any and I figured I should fill that gap in my wardrobe. Plus, it’s absolutely stunning, I was so giddy when I saw it that I wish I could take better pictures. The top left fabric is a thin pinstriped synthetic, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t done a burn test. I’m thinking of making a boat neck Lady Skater T-shirt from it.

lady skater flat

Other than shopping. I made a very rough (I’m no artist) technical flat for the lady skater, because the drawing on the pattern doesn’t work for my usual method of testing out color combinations and fabrics on a pattern before cutting into anything.

lady skater dresses

Tada! A preview of some planned dresses.


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