New and improved Lady Skater


I haven’t been blogging much, but I have been working on tweaking the fit of the Lady Skater pattern, with much need help from the lovely people over at Artisan’s Square, LynnH in particular. I think I’ve got it near where I wanted although there are a few more tweaks I’d like to make. I have fabric for two more and I feel confident enough to tackle my precious galaxy fabric, which was the reason I bought this pattern to begin with.

I did want to make a note the cutting layout is still annoying a second time, so much so that I actually doubled my bodice pieces so I could cut them out flat. Unless the fabric is pricey, I’m just buying more next time so I can do a single fold layout. As I said before the layout works, it’s just bit of a pain.


I had a photographer for once and I decided to get silly, err studious.

Cutting out was much easier as I now have a new larger cutting mat and could entirely cut each piece without moving the mat. It’s amazing how much faster and more accurate that made things. I hope some day I can have an even larger mat, one that would cover a whole table would be lovely.

Speaking of cutting, I think I must be getting lucky with my knits because I’ve had no problems with really bad curling so far, but I have bought spray starch as a precaution. They’ve also been very easy to cut out, I honestly have had more trouble with some wovens. I’m sure my experience will change as I branch out, but right now I am enjoying sewing with knits.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I am loving this dress.

I started my alternations on my shortened size 7 pattern. I had taken a one inch horizontal tuck from the bodice. Then after some consulting I removed 1 1/4 from the center front, tapering to 1/4 at the side seam. From the back I did similarly, taking 1″ from the center and tapering to 1/4 at the side seam. This was all based on the amount I had pinched out of the green dress to get the waistband to sit where I wanted it.

I also did my first sloping shoulder alteration , although I probably should have been doing them all this time. I took out  1 1/4″ and took a tuck out of the sleeve cap so it would match the armscye. I did not lower the armscye at all and I’m really glad I didn’t as it would have been quite low and restrictive.

I also slimmed down the dress by sewing 3/4 inch side seams after I didn’t like the look of 1/4 ones. It’s still a little loose in the waist, but not awfully so.


I’m rather pleased with this pattern now. It is quite an improvement over my first green one, although it still needs cuffs and to be hemmed. I want to do a smidge of a sway back adjustment, but then I think I’ll be done tweaking and can move on to trying out drafting different necklines and sleeves.

I feel like I learned a lot while altering this pattern to fit me and I’m so glad I didn’t say good enough and call it quits. It’s got me fired up to make another dress and try tackling my skirt sloper again.



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6 responses to “New and improved Lady Skater

  1. Its looking really good! Job well done!


  2. Saw your review on Pattern Review and noticed you have similar measurements to me (though I think you might be taller, I am only 5’2″) so wanted to read more in your blog about how you altered the fit of your Lady Skater. I’m so glad I read more about your experience because I hopefully can apply your lessons to my Lady Skater that I attempted last summer and still haven’t finished, because I didn’t like the fit on me. If I can get it to look as good on me, as yours does on you, I’ll be happy! The difference between your new Lady and your green Lady is phenomenal, so it was well worth your efforts. Well done! I look forward to following your sewing adventures 🙂 Just loving the colour of your new dress, absolutely gorgeous!


  3. Ah, I thought you looked taller than me! Even when women have the same measurements, I’ve found (through sewing blogs because that’s the only place that people really talk about their set of measurements) that we can still be completely different shapes and sizes! I do tend to gravitate towards reviews and blogs where women look similar size to me, but only because it helps me with fitting issues. Really, I love reading any sewer’s blog though, no matter what their size, style, location, sometimes even language isn’t a barrier! That’s the joy of sewing eh! Thank you for sharing your information, and kind offer of help. I’m still at the very start of my sewing journey…there is a lot to learn isn’t there! 🙂

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    • There is so much to learn, the more I find out, the more I realize i don’t know, lol.

      I try to follow a variety of sewists, I find that even if I’m not necessarily into their style I can learn something from them. Which is good, because there are no garment sewing classes around where I live. I’ve got books, blogs forums and craftsy to learn from though, so it’s not so bad.


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