Topstitching does make a difference.

I think a label is in order to cover up that ugly join.

Who knew? Okay, everybody knew, I was being a stubborn fool and didn’t topstitch the necklines of my t shirts because I could not get the twin needle to function on my sewing machine. I still can’t. Today I said screw it and did a single row of top stitching on the blue t shirt. I think it looks a good deal better when compared to before.DSCF1441

It seems to sit better on my neck anyway, although I’m still having the listing to one side issue I have with all my tops. I think one of my shoulders is more sloped than the other, I need to investigate fixes for when I make something more tailored. I’m not too worried about in it t shirts.


I’m thinking about taking in the sides on the Kwik Sew 3036 next time. As you can see, there are almost four extra inches around the waist when compared to a RTW shirt I like the fit of. (I’m wearing it in this post.) I still want it to be loose, but I think I could stand to take out 2 of those inches. Although I bought this pattern to make shirts to tuck into skirts, it would be nice have the option to wear it untucked too.


New project wise I’ve mostly been prepping. I printed out the Sorbetto (I’m years late on that bandwagon.) and cut it out of a lime green cotton lawn I’ve had sitting around for years. Tonight I finished up the bias tape for that, so I’ll probably sew it up tomorrow. I didn’t do a FBA, so this will probably end up falling into wearable muslin territory, but I’m not too bothered.


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