Kwik Sew 3036, Take 2


I’m not too displeased with this as my second knit top, although I think this pattern is much cuter in a print like the first version. (Which I will post, it’s currently at my parents’ house, sorry.)

Behold the magically appearing belt!

I sewed up view B and added a neckband, just as I did with the first one, as I mentioned in The Great Knits Conspiracy. I think I should have cut the neckband even smaller than I did, it gapes a bit. It’s not unwearable, but it is annoying.

Other than that the pattern went together easily, despite the fact that I was using a serger, not a sewing machine for as much of the construction as I could. This fabric was a bit fiddlier than the 100 percent cotton I made the first shirt out of, but it also has much better recovery. Both were Joanns buys, thanks to the giftcard my brother got me for Christmas.

One thing I did discover is that my machine will not work with a double needle, so I think I’m finally going to get around to fixing up the Kenmore I scavenged and see if that one is any more agreeable. A coverstich machine certainly isn’t in the cards, but I love the look of the double stitched hems and would like to be able to do a facsimile.

I’m all out of knit fabric for now, here’s to hoping my online sources have good sales next month. This may not be the most interesting pattern, but I’d like to make few more before I move on to a knit top with set in sleeves.



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4 responses to “Kwik Sew 3036, Take 2

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  3. Love your top and skirt combo here!! The colours are sensational on you (and my favourite shades too) and the simple skirt and top really works with your statement necklace. Does your top have kimono sleeves? I can’t quite see.


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