The Great Knits Conspiracy

Sewing blogs have been lying to me, for years. In fairness, it’s not all of them, just a sizable amount, especially among the cohort aimed at new sewists. And frankly, I think it’s sort of awful that this myth is so widespread that it’s taken as gospel in some cirlces, it is discouraging newer sewists from branching out.

I’m talking of course about the “knits are the devil” mantra. I recently sewed up a t shirt in an evening and I had never worked with knit fabric before. At all.

It wasn’t hard as such, just fiddly on occasion. I even messed up the neckline by stretching it out when I tried the turn and sew approach recommended in the pattern, but I was able to fix it with a self fabric band with minimal fuss. Now, in fairness, I did have the “new” serger I got for xmas to complete most of the seams on, but even hemming on my regular sewing machine was not much of a hassle. I also chose a midweight 100% cotton knit for the project, and I am certain there are harder knits to work with, but that holds true for woven fabrics as well and we don’t tell beginners to just not work with wovens.

I’m certainly no expert and with my dyspraxia a lot of more intricate parts of sewing require a great deal of effort on my part. Yet, once I got going I was fine. This post isn’t really meant to be an accusation that there’s actually conspiracy to keep people from sewing knits, in order to sell books or something, I don’t know, but it is weird.



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3 responses to “The Great Knits Conspiracy

  1. I think your right about knits being easy. I can’t think of a more forgiving fabric since it stretches every which way.


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